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About Us

We searched the county for months and finally found our 35 acres just outside of Carmine.  We bought the property March 2016 and have been working endlessly to turn this completely raw piece of land into a homestead with two cottages and the White Ranch House that we live in.

We are so excited to share our love for this ranch with those who come to stay.  If you take time to walk the property and venture back to Cedar Creek, you won’t be sorry.  There is an abundance of wildlife, so keep your eyes open.


We hope you enjoy sitting on the front porch with a drink watching the cattle, the deer, the daily turkey walk, and all the other unexpected visitors that show up. 


If you decide to stay, please come back because we are just getting started and would love for you to see the progress that is made.


            John and Marcia

Call or Text anytime at 217-369-8036 

or email

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